Early works


The Portal

It climbs out from the yellow orb in the sky and it whispers into my ear, Don’t do it. 

I recognize the conflict between my place here and the place I want to be. 

I know I don’t want to be anywhere without you. And I am, yet I’m still breathing. 

Miserably, but I’m still kicking. 

I don’t think I need, I don’t think I need, I don’t think I need…

I don’t think. 

And so the crystals and specks of dust from the orb call out to me. 

They call out to me and tempt me with what might have been on the other side. 

The Family of the World

In my drunken stupor I’ve come up with an analogy, and correct me if it needs correcting but this is what I’ve come up with. 

Essentially the world, planet Earth, can be thought of as a literal home; four walls, a ceiling and a floor. Now, those living in such a cramped space will be forced to confront each other and differences will be settled, peacefully or violently. Either way, it will be settled. Now, the world, Earth, is so large, we just simply can’t get to each other, or we have not had the courage to get to each other, because it’s such a large populated reach. This is essentially why it’s taken to long to confront social and political issues. Like most household families, whether in an apartment or a home, the beginning of a family starts off awkward and unsure of how to deal with the differences amongst one another. Eventually, the cramped space causes the need for confrontation in order to solve or understand such differences. So the family begins to fight, begins to fall apart in the worst possible ways imaginable. Still, when all battles are fought, we begin to dissolve these differences or at the least, begin to understand that so and so sees the world differently than I do so I will respect their perspective and they will respect mine as well. Our population on this planet is so large and diverse, we have only just began to confront these issues as evident by today’s political and social issues like gender acceptance, sexuality acceptance, exposure on the realities of today’s unfair hierarchy based on wealth and status. We are confronting these issues head on now, much like the way siblings will finally come out in the open about how much they hate each other. Just know that these battles will later, if not sooner, be considered as fought and we will coexist as one large family again. We will see each other’s differences and understand that our differences are what makes our world colorful and unique. The thought of a person with something new to bring to the table will one day warm our hearts. 

I hope you lovelies enjoy your morning! Wherever you are ❤️

Wubba Lubba Dubdub!!

Now, I am quite amazed at how impressively producers of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, have pulled through for fans like me who love their edgy breakaways from the system. 

Yesterday, on April Fools Day, they chose to air the first episode of the new season 3 on Cartoon Network, leaving most fans skeptical and reluctant to waste their time on a cruel April Fools Day prank. What these long time anticipatory fans didn’t realize is the Rick and Morty crew had pulled the ultimate prank of the year. 

Why would I go out of my way to get to a television just to find out it was a prank, of course, because it’s April Fools Day? Surely we’d get at least a week’s notice right? But the savviest twist I’ve ever seen a show do in my lifetime: premiere it with no warning or early notice, get em to think it’s a joke, then actually live broadcast it on Facebook and television for two hours, all while a fake April Fools Day video is set up for the Facebook post and the tv schedule remains saying it’s showing Bob’s Burgers. Brilliant. They saw the opportunity and they took it so hard they made it their bitch. 

I truly love Rick and Morty. I love their squanch. 

The official season 3 starts this Summer! 

R.I.P Birdperson 💔


Forgive me when I say I haven’t watched The Craft up until a week ago. Something got me thinking about the movie again and I’m sure it’s just because it was such a great movie. Although, while I thought about how great the movie was (and how great old movies are in general), it got me to thinking about how my own library also used to include a book on witchcraft, or (hopefully to make it sound less sinister as most people consider witchcraft to be) a goodly spell book. It was a book my brother had given to me which was given to him by one of our closest cousins. I’d taken an interest to it because I’m simply human, meaning I was naturally curious to know what would be in a witchcraft book. What sparked my curiosity the most was the fact that it was a goodly spell book for modern day problems and it was written by actual spiritual priests who genuinely practice witchcraft. I mean, in all honesty, I still probably would have checked it out if it was a book on black magic written by a practicing cult who strongly worship Amon; who is the air, the earth, the ground, everything of the natural world and more. (I really, really loved that movie.) 

Anyways, I just reminded myself that I wanted to get my own copy of the book of goodly spells for modern day problems. (Naturally my brother had to hand the book back to my cousin) It was really fascinating because not only did it show you recipes and DIY crafts to go along with your spells but it also included the history of spell craft as well as the ethics behind properly practicing witchcraft. It was an extremely thick book, almost the size of a textbook, but it looks so worth to get a copy. Especially since there’s so much content for the price of about 20 bucks. The modern day problems that these spells claimed to aid in were problems like curing sickness and creating good fortune, whether it be at work or hitting the jackpot in the lotto. I personally find this to be harmless so I’m definitely thinking of heading to Barnes & Nobles once I get a job (which hopefully is soon). 

Still, as I think deeper about the aspect of witchcraft and the proper way to use such divinely power, I imagine that any form of witchcraft; good or bad, can be used with ill intentions which can cause extreme damage to myself and those around me. I imagine that good witchery can also go wrong and that idea comes from a horror indie game I’d watched on YouTube called Corpse Party. 


The basic idea of corpse party is that a school girl, who practices magic and talking to spirits and all that good stuff, gets her friends to participate in a chant which would ensure that this group would always stay friends forever. She cuts out a paper doll called the sachiko charm and essentially, for the charm to work, everyone must hold a piece of the charm and chant “Sachiko, I beg of you…” (I think) three times in their heads, no more no less, and simultaneously rip out their own piece of the charm. Once the ritual is completed, they must keep their piece of paper from the charm and never lose it. I guess if they lose it, the only horrible consequence to this is they don’t get to stay friends forever. 

But the twist is someone performs the ritual wrong (either they chanted the spell too many or too little times than they were supposed to or something else went wrong) and they end up in horrible ghostly “upside down” (Stranger Things reference) where they’re slaughtered one by one by a little ghost girl named Sachiko. In relation to this, my fear is I’ll screw up unforgivably and die! I mean there’s no rush to take that midterm next week. Still, I’ve thought about how scary the concept is and what wrath we’d all face if there truly was a being that called onto our chants and concoctions. There is this mind numbing possibility that there may be things and beings that exist totally out of our realm of existence that either controls us, punishes and rewards us, or simply watches over us like creeps. As much as I’m sounding like a child who believes in ghost stories, I know, for as intelligently open minded I want to think I am, that there is a strong possibility we’re not alone and to think that we are is absolutely absurd. 

Feeling Unlucky 

This is spot on for most people (including me). In between trying to find a job and dealing with college life, life can feel very unlucky but these things listed are exactly what some of us (and I) need to keep from pulling the hair out of our heads. I mean, I’ve got a youthful head of hair so I wouldn’t want that! Thank you, Bayart! I needed this today!



Good morning, lovelies! 

Like most dog owners I love my dog as if he were my own child. He’s my baby and always will be for life. But like any living creature, dogs need food, water, potty, and attention! 

Oh god the attention…

God forbid I stay up till the early hours of the morning because my dog will be sure to wake me back up with a few many long cries at my door. 

It does get extremely frustrating when I do tend to him and he finally heads back to sleep, yet the moment I try to go back to sleep, I only find that I’ve developed a headache from not sleeping enough because now at this point I just can’t go back to sleep anymore. Still, to see him so relaxed and restfully sleeping like the baby he is, I have a warm heart and some peace of mind. I can never resist his adorable face as he sleeps and even the soft little whimpers he makes when he dreams! Such a sweetheart and he only bothers me in the morning because he knows I love him too much to not take care of him (the incessant crying that prevents me from sleeping in the first place kinda helps, too). 

He’s my little fluff and he’s so damn spoiled he knows it! (A photo I took of my Valentine 😁)