That night had a whole lot of memorabilia to it. The breeze; just the right chill through the skin with just the right warmth to the bone. Roads of Park Slope festivities illuminated the Halloween spirit of all who passed through 7th Avenue. Now, among a group of friends in their hippie circle, a girl was very present, having often drawn the attention of the opposite sex with her smooth, blonde, and freshly, deliberately brushed thick sections of hair that seemed to weave together like very systematic, yet somehow liberal, ocean waves. It seemed as if the moonlight in Prospect Park had knew the occasion meant the world to her, and so inflicted it’s gravitational properties onto her oceanic locks of hair. To her right, Alexa knew the stranger yet considered him a new acquaintance only through similar interests which, perhaps, one would consider illegal. Looking to her left she stared into the eyes of her most endearing friend, Daniel. Maybe someone in the world could diagnose their situation, but the two rather preferred their status a mystery, simply because the two were unsure, as unsure as teenagers are when they decided how they will live to the fullest with the spare free time they’ve scrambled for. At least, everyone present could say they’ve had their share of being responsible enough to deserve a night like this where the world was let loose on Halloween.

Alexa tended to like the rough rowdy feel of hanging with her guys, and she never necessarily had much to whine about, which seemed to be something they liked. Apparently, as of lately, it seemed more like they enjoyed having their damsel in distress.

‘Yeah man I appreciate that’, she thought, ‘but I hate the attention. I’d feel like such a burden on them. Why do girls need so much attention..’

Daniel had snapped her out of her muse as he scrunched his nose at her affectionately along with an outreached arm which wrapped around her head followed by a series of lovely kisses. Something like this was something she was used to, she stopped questioning his form of love at some point long ago. Now as he shared his facial warmth with hers, she blushed happily to which an “Aw, thanks” escapes her lips. She giggles and straightens up to stay attentive on one of Daniel’s friends, Peter. He sat across from her on a similar looking log they were all sitting on. Admittedly, she found him attractive and as she listened and smiled sadly at him, the remainder of the group of 5 listened as he rapped along to a smooth melodical karaoke instrumental. Mike was hilariously able to spit some really sick beats, sticking to drops and rises of the mood here and there, and as a result, the small crowd roared in appraisal. To Alexa’s entertainment, Daniel, Jared, and Jeremy decide to jump in. Each building off verse after verse, her cheeks began to ache from too much laughter. She tried not to move so much because she’d been helping Jeremy roll the spirit grass for the rest of the group. He was more in charge of this other task, so he added on to the music every once in awhile, always leading up to another roar of laughter as if it had been rehearsed as part of the song.

“Alright, it’s cool you can take your hand off now.” Having to work with poor resources, Alexa felt she had to help him roll the spirit grass. She did feel honored to help after all. She distinctly remembers Daniel had brought his bookbag with more teenage goodies. She motions her hand towards Daniel for the drink he’d pulled out of his bag a minute ago.

‘Hey, pass it.’ He swiftly hands over the bottle. After a deep swig of happy juice, Jared passes her the magical stick of mary joy. She sighs deeply into Daniel’s face, knowing he’s deeply opposed to the sweet ganja, he still holds a sweet spot for her and laughs.

‘Trying to get me high, fool?’ She smirks proudly as the rotation continues, and her fingers wrap around the nozzle of the bottle once again.

The world seemed to be intact, but her eyes could not focus on anything in particular. It seemed as if they developed minds of their own. It suddenly hit her as the guys stood up, discussing where they should go eat at this time considering some food joints might still be open with the fact that it’s still Halloween night.

‘Daniel, I’m f*cked up’, she giggles disapprovingly at herself, ‘god dammit.’

‘Aw man don’t worry about it. Haha I’m a little gone too but I got you, kitty.’

She could only hear the arguments made by her older brothers, going back and forth, a mind boggling sensation that gave her so much of a headache she just wanted to laugh to release the tension. She held Daniel’s arm tightly as they all walked out the park with the guys. ‘Nothing shady about this’, she thought. Nothing annoyed her more at the moment than having to be watched like a child. Well she was in fact acting like a lost child, and so the other guys, knowing she was being taken care of by her obedient puppy, were let loose in Park Slope. Laughing loudly, barely audible compared to the excitement of continuous trick or treating in the neighborhood. It seemed so odd to see so many people out with their children this late on Halloween. There were so many people it struck a nerve in Alexa, and she began to hyperventilate in response to her oncoming anxiety.

‘Daniel I can’t do this. There are too many witnesses to me screwing up. Why did I do this? i thought I could handle this. I don’t even know where we’re going. Where are we going? Daniel I’m sorry I just-hehh-..’ As her speech continued to increase in speed Daniel’s warm comforting voice increased in volume, which Alexa could admit was usually how he’s successfully ended their arguments in the past.

“Hey..Hey!! Relax. I’ve got you. We’re just going to Donuts and Diner right there near the school. You need something to eat, Alexa, okay and you also need to drink a lot of water…that reminds me..” He looks over his shoulder to his friends who were drunkenly trudging behind us, “Yo, did anyone bring water?”

“Nah man sorry”, replied Jared, seeming to be the only one still present.

“It’s okay, Alex, we’ll be there soon, just hold on, alright?” He straightens Alexa’s back and cups her face in his hands. “Look at me. Look. At. Me.” She finally jolts her chin up and focuses on his eyes. “Okay, I’m good…”

Something in her snapped, and she felt warm inside. She was taken care of by Daniel, and perhaps nothing is more satisfying than knowing someone will do what needs to be done to take care of a loved one. Responsibility takes hold of something so precious and innocent in her, choking her, and she could not breath. Her vision blurred as she felt the cold air lick her wet face. Looking at Daniel and the determination in his eyes to keep her safe, she felt at home. She relaxed against his side as they both walked down the narrow, sloping sidewalk towards Donuts & Diner.



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