Free Spirits of Brooklyn

Yellow beams of light and dark young spirits,

They run through the wide tunnel as cars beep past them,

as if it were meant to cheer on the young adults.

At least, that’s how they saw it.

At night the world was their oyster.

At night, nothing could touch them.

At least, that’s what they thought.

Dark caged ramp walkthrough

Dull flickering city lights

Surely the city knows we come out at night,

so they leave the spotlights on for us, all to ourselves.

We are the future of this country.

We are at the center stage of the world.

Consequently, that world, turns out to be a car.

That spotlight turns out to be a lamp.

But our wild imaginations tap into the future.

And we see no static or blur spots

No, we see our world, the world.

Yes, we can see but how can we feel?

When her best friend confesses his love for her?

When his mother complains about her weight?

When her best friend cannot overcome withdrawal?

How, then, can we shape our world now to fit perfectly into our puzzle ridden futures?


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