I’d been admitted into some dreary, cold and damp place like an institution that held secrets not for my ears to hear, or at least, not for any life to experience…

The place was dark, felt damp air. These people. Patients. In their scrubs like they should be but despite seeming to be under the care of this hospital…did not look like they were being cared for. More so, they seemed dead, behaved like they were dead in a positioned stature. A flickering hall. The lights were an assortment of contrasting dreary colors like gray, eggshell white, night vision green, all flickering at once. every flash of light seemed to have exposed another unattended patient as I walked down the hall to the voices of my mother speaking to, I suppose, the supervisor of the institution. She seemed to be talking well of me. He seemed to be saying the opposite. I’d noticed that I was in my own clothes, meaning I hadn’t been admitted yet. And so in the beginning of this dream, I was in a doctor’s office still located in the institution. I was sitting upright on those beds at the edge as if I were ready for a simple physical; check the heartbeat, check the ear canal, open wide and say ‘Ahh’ while my doctor pressed my tongue down with a popsicle. Except, he wasn’t there. I felt like I was waiting for him and my mom to came in. I couldn’t remember. There was another patient who magically appeared in my room, the door was wide open so I assume he shuffled in with the beat of the flickering lights so i had not noticed him come in when the light shut off until it turned back on. He crouched in the corner of the doctors desk, watching me. He was bald, his face concaved in areas like his temples and his cheekbones. His lips cracked and thin, open wide in awe with eyes that held large pupils dark enough to engulf the entirety of my soul. His deep menacing stare froze my every nerve, brought me to chills and sweats that made me realize I’d never truly known what real fear was till this very moment as he struggled forward in a crouched position with an agile pace the first few steps until his legs gave in and he now fell to his knees on all fours. Just inches away and now, as he continued to stare, not that he ever took his eyes off me, I could see that not only was there a blackness that overrode the white of his eyes, but the veins..the veins were bulged red as if his eyes were ready to bleed. I could see the black in his eyes was complemented by the same bloody red, circled around those lost soulless black eyes. He began to screech as he reached out to me with his left hand, nails that were blackened and chipped and oozing a nauseating form of green puss. Apparently I’d been so afraid my body had been acting on its own this whole time, so i’d been on the floor crawling away from him and ran out the door into the hallway, where i noticed the strange flickering lights had been going on through the entire hospital. another woman in the hall, gray insane hair, eyes wild but dead, stared as i ran down the hall, nothing but a black abyss at the end. but thats when i could hear my mom and the doctor, so i ran in to my mothers voice. i was met with something inhuman. on all fours, it had an dark black holes for eyes and mouth, and crawled towards me in a screeching yelp.

I woke up.


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