Go Fund Becky Maldonado

Anyone who goes to Parsons: The New School must know how expensive the tuition is. The worst part about it is here’s a girl with an insane amount of potential but money’s getting in the way and FAFSA isn’t helping. I’ve known Rebecca Maldonado for about 7 years. This girl’s my best friend and her sweet soul deserves to get the education she wants.

We live in an age where young growing adults are selling themselves to the standards of society just for the means of making ends meet. Some people hate their jobs and some will only say they love their jobs for the pay they get. Now, where there is an artist there’s a child with a spirit strong enough to ignore the “You will die in this world” mentality. This child has an innocence that brings beauty and light back into this dark meaningless world. Becky was given an opportunity and she took it which was a move that’s a lot more ballsy than what I know most people would do. She’s taken the challenge and the strongest thing an individual can do is to ask for some help. Any donation would be kindly appreciated.

Thank you so much and I hope you all have a beautiful day ♥

Here’s a link to her GoFundMe page



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