Fallback Monday Blues

It’s all fun and games playing hooky until you realize your reason for missing out on class was to catch up on some Z’s you know you don’t deserve.

But hell, I did it anyways.

College for a freshies like me can be pretty stressful. It seems like the clock ticks minutes away in groups of 20 and there’s no way to schedule every bathroom break no matter how hard you try.

There’s so much to think about. Your future, what are your teachers gonna think (especially that one professor who stuck his neck out for you when you were too dumb to keep up during lecture), will I really fall behind or is college unnecessary for me?

Although a lot of us going into college might think: Are you kidding? I left my prison of a high school just to go to grown up prison where they still force you to take certain classes?

Yeah. Yeah they do. But let’s think about the good stuff that comes from all these “Gen. Ed.” Requirements.

See, college levels courses won’t be as easy as you think. It’s not just like high school with extra reading assignments and total necessary crying. General education, from what I’ve seen, is more necessary to prepare you for the majors you’ll take in the future. Most gen education courses try to prepare you for essays and time management. No one ever said it was going to be easy and no one ever said you won’t fall into some debt here and there (possibly starve, never shower, tend to forget you never shower and rely on part cake flavored ice cream to get you through the days)

But you know what.

Missing a day or two? Fuck it. That’s fine. No machine can work well on low maintenance. Go get yourself a face mask and slather that shit on. Even some cucumbers, go all out.

Because if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that no one stays a brainiac and we might have a fall out here and then, but that’s okay because we need to take care of our mental health before we can go back to grinding out all these big kid papers. So take that day off. Revitalize those senses then go back to being that productive young adult you know you can be. I’m sure it’ll be worth it when you get walk across that stage with a big fuck you to all your doubters.

Much love on this Monday ❤️ Talk to you later…bye 🙂


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