Good morning, lovelies! 

Like most dog owners I love my dog as if he were my own child. He’s my baby and always will be for life. But like any living creature, dogs need food, water, potty, and attention! 

Oh god the attention…

God forbid I stay up till the early hours of the morning because my dog will be sure to wake me back up with a few many long cries at my door. 

It does get extremely frustrating when I do tend to him and he finally heads back to sleep, yet the moment I try to go back to sleep, I only find that I’ve developed a headache from not sleeping enough because now at this point I just can’t go back to sleep anymore. Still, to see him so relaxed and restfully sleeping like the baby he is, I have a warm heart and some peace of mind. I can never resist his adorable face as he sleeps and even the soft little whimpers he makes when he dreams! Such a sweetheart and he only bothers me in the morning because he knows I love him too much to not take care of him (the incessant crying that prevents me from sleeping in the first place kinda helps, too). 

He’s my little fluff and he’s so damn spoiled he knows it! (A photo I took of my Valentine 😁) 


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