The Portal

It climbs out from the yellow orb in the sky and it whispers into my ear, Don’t do it. 

I recognize the conflict between my place here and the place I want to be. 

I know I don’t want to be anywhere without you. And I am, yet I’m still breathing. 

Miserably, but I’m still kicking. 

I don’t think I need, I don’t think I need, I don’t think I need…

I don’t think. 

And so the crystals and specks of dust from the orb call out to me. 

They call out to me and tempt me with what might have been on the other side. 


Wubba Lubba Dubdub!!

Now, I am quite amazed at how impressively producers of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, have pulled through for fans like me who love their edgy breakaways from the system. 

Yesterday, on April Fools Day, they chose to air the first episode of the new season 3 on Cartoon Network, leaving most fans skeptical and reluctant to waste their time on a cruel April Fools Day prank. What these long time anticipatory fans didn’t realize is the Rick and Morty crew had pulled the ultimate prank of the year. 

Why would I go out of my way to get to a television just to find out it was a prank, of course, because it’s April Fools Day? Surely we’d get at least a week’s notice right? But the savviest twist I’ve ever seen a show do in my lifetime: premiere it with no warning or early notice, get em to think it’s a joke, then actually live broadcast it on Facebook and television for two hours, all while a fake April Fools Day video is set up for the Facebook post and the tv schedule remains saying it’s showing Bob’s Burgers. Brilliant. They saw the opportunity and they took it so hard they made it their bitch. 

I truly love Rick and Morty. I love their squanch. 

The official season 3 starts this Summer! 

R.I.P Birdperson 💔


Good morning, lovelies! 

Like most dog owners I love my dog as if he were my own child. He’s my baby and always will be for life. But like any living creature, dogs need food, water, potty, and attention! 

Oh god the attention…

God forbid I stay up till the early hours of the morning because my dog will be sure to wake me back up with a few many long cries at my door. 

It does get extremely frustrating when I do tend to him and he finally heads back to sleep, yet the moment I try to go back to sleep, I only find that I’ve developed a headache from not sleeping enough because now at this point I just can’t go back to sleep anymore. Still, to see him so relaxed and restfully sleeping like the baby he is, I have a warm heart and some peace of mind. I can never resist his adorable face as he sleeps and even the soft little whimpers he makes when he dreams! Such a sweetheart and he only bothers me in the morning because he knows I love him too much to not take care of him (the incessant crying that prevents me from sleeping in the first place kinda helps, too). 

He’s my little fluff and he’s so damn spoiled he knows it! (A photo I took of my Valentine 😁) 

Fallback Monday Blues

It’s all fun and games playing hooky until you realize your reason for missing out on class was to catch up on some Z’s you know you don’t deserve.

But hell, I did it anyways.

College for a freshies like me can be pretty stressful. It seems like the clock ticks minutes away in groups of 20 and there’s no way to schedule every bathroom break no matter how hard you try.

There’s so much to think about. Your future, what are your teachers gonna think (especially that one professor who stuck his neck out for you when you were too dumb to keep up during lecture), will I really fall behind or is college unnecessary for me?

Although a lot of us going into college might think: Are you kidding? I left my prison of a high school just to go to grown up prison where they still force you to take certain classes?

Yeah. Yeah they do. But let’s think about the good stuff that comes from all these “Gen. Ed.” Requirements.

See, college levels courses won’t be as easy as you think. It’s not just like high school with extra reading assignments and total necessary crying. General education, from what I’ve seen, is more necessary to prepare you for the majors you’ll take in the future. Most gen education courses try to prepare you for essays and time management. No one ever said it was going to be easy and no one ever said you won’t fall into some debt here and there (possibly starve, never shower, tend to forget you never shower and rely on part cake flavored ice cream to get you through the days)

But you know what.

Missing a day or two? Fuck it. That’s fine. No machine can work well on low maintenance. Go get yourself a face mask and slather that shit on. Even some cucumbers, go all out.

Because if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that no one stays a brainiac and we might have a fall out here and then, but that’s okay because we need to take care of our mental health before we can go back to grinding out all these big kid papers. So take that day off. Revitalize those senses then go back to being that productive young adult you know you can be. I’m sure it’ll be worth it when you get walk across that stage with a big fuck you to all your doubters.

Much love on this Monday ❤️ Talk to you later…bye 🙂

An exhausted mind exposes an honest heart.

He was going to take a shower,

But he changed his mind..

He was going to take me out to the porch with him,

But he changed his mind..

I was given a second chance

I shouldn’t be here,

But I am..

To that, I concluded,

“I shouldn’t waste this.”

You’re a Work of Art

Why do you creep into my dreams?

You’re only a friend

I’ve only ever talked to you

And felt warmth by you

And loved you

So why do you walk slowly in my peripheral vision?

So why do you say nothing?

So why do you vanish when I flash a look at you?

Why do you creep into my dreams?

The Aftermath of a Broken Society

I can’t remember the last time I had anything to drink.

The people have rioted and their outbursts have kept us far from society and, therefore, out of reach from resources.

Our tethered clothing have just barely kept us warm.

My tongue is swollen.

Every night I do still go to sleep.

I wake up screaming not too long after. Still, something grabs hold of my windpipe and squeezes so that I don’t make a sound when my whole body shakes with rage as I try to let out the pain, the fear, the hunger, the thirst.

Our bruises and scars sting with phantom pain.

There is no society here. No life.

This is not home.

Check it. Part 1

The world was at its best on this particular Tuesday. Perhaps you could say it would be the start of the best day ever. Well, you’re wrong.

“Matilda threw another fucking tantrum and understand, please, that her mother is no fucking help either, Julie”, explained M’s father. He wiped the sweat off his brow. Maybe that’s how he cries, thought the babysitter. This wasn’t a job she asked for. Shit, she could’ve settled for the 7.35 per hour at the Bodega on 5th avenue. Instead she thought she should challenge herself. Well this was definitely what she asked for.

‘Well damn I shouldn’t complain then’, thought Julie. Yeah, definitely having been put under certain circumstances, there was no way she was getting that easy paid bodega.

Her brother made sure of it after he let his boss in on one of her little secrets of the past. Apparently bosses don’t like to hear young girls fucking older coworkers on the job. You’d think they would. ‘What a dillhole’, she thought, ‘why can’t we just love?’ She imagined orgy porgies left and right. She could envision the CAUTION wet and slipper sign. Those fluids sure do get everywhere. She imagined something as seriously wild as human beings fucking each other while they hung from trees like sloths. Shit’s pretty freaky, that mind of hers. ‘We’d fuck our way backwards from evolution.’ Unfortunately her imagination, at this very moment when M’s papa’s vision ran red, chose the wrong time to run rampant and this is because it erupted a sloppy burst of laughter in Mr. Fischer’s face.

His neck whipped so quickly she stopped dead in her tracks being more concerned for his neck than for the trouble she found herself in.

“DO (one knee stomps forward) YOU (second knee stomps forward) THINK THIS IS FUNNY (all the knee action aggressively shuffles toward her)”, he exclaims, each word acting as an increase button for the redness of his face.

“OH SHIT chill, I’m sorry, fuck! I just..I just kinda thought of something funny, that’s all. Listen I can leave and you can find another babysitter because I chose this job to be a babysitter like I’m supposed to, not to be your fucking therapist!!” she’d stumbled back and caught the edge of the dresser in their living room, spraying these jumbled words of courage at the rest of the room instead of his face. At that moment, Matilda had commenced once again, leaving evidence for it by throwing the remote control at the flatscreen T.V. in which the impact sounded with a crack. She wailed on the couch as she began to kick and scream while she threw the couch throw pillows at even more expensive shit in the room like a really detailed snow glob on the mantle piece right beside the couch.

“DAMMIT!” Mr. Fischer stomps and yells to the floor. “Get out.”

This made Julie smile at Matilda. What a punny girl she will be. “Fine, later fucking loser.” Before she walked to the door and Mr. Fischer could slam the door in her face, she pulled the finger and tugged her left eye open with her tongue sticking out. She finally turns away and descends the staircase leading out to the street. “Ha, I bet i’ll drop by one day and find him drunken and alone, family gone, making out with a bottle of henny.’ She said to herself aloud. Despite having simply walked away from that shithole household, she actually worried for Matilda’s well being. She was just a kid. No one to understand she was just doing kid things and that asshole dad with his lack of patience…

Knowing Mr. Fischer, he’d be too busy arguing with his wife and working overtime to avoid his wife than finding another promising babysitter for M. It’s not normal for a 7 year old to take a cab to school and back. She may not be her babysitter anymore but she sure as hell didn’t have to let Matilda go home by herself.