The Family of the World

In my drunken stupor I’ve come up with an analogy, and correct me if it needs correcting but this is what I’ve come up with. 

Essentially the world, planet Earth, can be thought of as a literal home; four walls, a ceiling and a floor. Now, those living in such a cramped space will be forced to confront each other and differences will be settled, peacefully or violently. Either way, it will be settled. Now, the world, Earth, is so large, we just simply can’t get to each other, or we have not had the courage to get to each other, because it’s such a large populated reach. This is essentially why it’s taken to long to confront social and political issues. Like most household families, whether in an apartment or a home, the beginning of a family starts off awkward and unsure of how to deal with the differences amongst one another. Eventually, the cramped space causes the need for confrontation in order to solve or understand such differences. So the family begins to fight, begins to fall apart in the worst possible ways imaginable. Still, when all battles are fought, we begin to dissolve these differences or at the least, begin to understand that so and so sees the world differently than I do so I will respect their perspective and they will respect mine as well. Our population on this planet is so large and diverse, we have only just began to confront these issues as evident by today’s political and social issues like gender acceptance, sexuality acceptance, exposure on the realities of today’s unfair hierarchy based on wealth and status. We are confronting these issues head on now, much like the way siblings will finally come out in the open about how much they hate each other. Just know that these battles will later, if not sooner, be considered as fought and we will coexist as one large family again. We will see each other’s differences and understand that our differences are what makes our world colorful and unique. The thought of a person with something new to bring to the table will one day warm our hearts. 

I hope you lovelies enjoy your morning! Wherever you are ❤️


For the ‘Less in Touch With the Feminists’ Women

You are a girl.

The youngest actually

And you’ve got two older brothers.

All your life you’ve grown up tough. You were taught to walk proudly, to play hard with the boys, to speak hard like the boys, to suppress sentiment like the boys.

Perhaps you’ve been living a lie because the girls around you spew statements about not having a chance to play ball with the boys or never feeling like they’re taken seriously by the opposite sex. And now you can’t relate and you feel like the douchebag for being so privileged as to be seen as “one of the guys”. But are you really? Have you become the enemy of your own sex?

But you see it.

You do see the struggle of your kind. You hear their gagged screams in your deepest nightmares and you’re so helpless you almost try to vomit out the evil you’ve seen reflected through that poor girl’s eyes.

You know you want to help.

You try to support your girls because you know what it’s like to feel eyes of the opposite sex latched onto your body like leeches that suck everything out of you; your self-worth, your hopes, dreams, your confidence in others. With a ‘Like’ here and a ‘Share’ there. Share, share, share. She has a good point about this, he’s got a good point about that. “The solution is..” the first, second, and the third.

You’re still helpless.

You’re hiding. You’re not helping, only giving ammo to those who will stand up and fight but you’re so pathetic. “Why can’t I do this?” “Why can’t I speak?” “Why can’t I breathe?” “Where are the words I want to so desperately spit out to the evils of the world?”

I am so sorry you feel this way, because I feel this way too.

Cursed with the need for knowledge and expansion, we lose focus of the broken pipes of our souls. Who we are as people, who govern this political world, are broken and such change cannot occur without looking within oneself…to oil the cogs and wheels before all of humanity is lost. Before we’re driven to an insanity that is beyond repair.

If I could be the oil, if you could be the oil…